What does Anh55 mean?
Anh is our founder’s name (and it also means brother in Vietnamese) + Her (She) + 55 ( as in 1955, the year Anh was born).
Who is the Anh55 customer?
They are non-binary, men, women, LGBTQ+. They want to keep and use our clothes longer, help to reduce consumption of fast fashion and carbon footprint, and directly impact the economic development for local marginalized populations. And they want to look attractive!
Who are your employees?

Anh55 is an employee-owned company. We offer profit sharing and competitive salaries for all of our staff.

Is your clothing sustainable?

Our clothes follow the circular 3-life usage: Wear-Give-Recycle. Exquisite quality and innovative features that allow clothing to change with the wearer mean that our clothing stands the test of time and reduces waste.

Since 2010, Anh and Philip have been working with trusted eco-friendly suppliers whose fabrics are all produced with low impact and AZO-free dyes. Additionally, their mills in Japan and Europe all adhere to the Paris Treaty Accord limiting CO2 emissions.

Our Zero-Waste Practice involves reusing fabric scraps for Anh55 labels that are then embroidered by hand by refugee artisans. Smaller scraps will be used for Anh55’s line of lifestyle goods, such as stuffed toys and home decorations.

Our labels are individually woven or hand embroidered by refugees and ethnic minorities in the US and in refugee camps overseas to support cultural embroidery and weaving heritage preservation

What fabrics do you use?

While fabrics vary by style, you can find the following in our collections:

  • Organic linen
  • Organic cotton
  • Made using Japanese paper derived from Manila Hemp
  • Made using recycled woolen fabrics
  • Lenzing and TENCELTM branding. TENCEL is a Lyocell textile (biodegradable, organic solution, and can be recycled, using a closed loop solvent system which means no solvent is wasted or dumped in the ecosystem).